Out of sight, out of mind? Do not forget to check your policy!

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Whether household, pension or occupational disability insurance: Once the policy has been completed, the documents often dust in the rearmost corner of the cabinet and are only scratched out again in an emergency. Why you should regularly put your insurance policies to the test and what you have to keep in mind, explains CostBend.

Once the insurance contract is sealed, many people no longer care about their policy. However, there are good reasons to take a look at the insurance folder at least once a year: If your own life situation changes, protection often needs to be adjusted. In other cases it is important to have the contract modalities changed – for example when moving. “A regular check ensures that you are well protected in case of emergency and also saves time and often money,” says Silke Barth from CostBend. The most important tips:

Private liability insurance

Who needs it: The private liability insurance is a must for everyone. Because everyone is liable for damages caused to third parties – in the extreme case with his entire assets. The insurance occurs if necessary and protects against financial ruin.
Tip: Couples who contract or married can save money by pooling their policies. In the family tariff partners and children are automatically insured – provided they live in a household.

Term life insurance

Who needs them: If you start a family, announce offspring, build your own business or invest in your own house or apartment, you should definitely take out a risk life insurance. It secures the survivors in the event of death financially.
Tip: If you already have a risk life insurance policy, you should adjust the sum insured if the personal situation changes. On this occasion, it is also advisable to check who should receive the benefit in the event of death.

Disability insurance

Who needs it: Statistically, one in five in Germany can not do their job until the regular retirement. Experts therefore advise to take out occupational disability insurance directly after starting work – the younger the insured person, the better the annual contribution. She jumps in, if the insured can no longer work in the previous profession.
Tip: The amount of the occupational disability pension should be adapted to the current life situation, for example after a salary increase, the purchase of a property or a marriage.

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Car insurance

Who needs it: A motor vehicle liability insurance is legally obligatory for motorists and comes up for damages, which one inflicts on others with his vehicle. Casco insurance (full or partial) is voluntary. You stand for damage to your own vehicle.
Important: If the place of residence changes, the number of kilometers traveled per year or the previous number of motor vehicle users, you are obliged to inform the insurer. If you leave less kilometers per year with the vehicle, the insurance contribution may decrease. If the 18-year-old daughter or 18-year-old son also drives a car, he will climb.
Tip: If your own motor vehicle insurer increases the contributions (upgrades in the event of a claim do not apply here) or if you purchase a new car, insured persons can make use of their special right of termination and switch to another insurance company. Otherwise, a change of motor insurance is usually possible at the beginning of the year, if the termination of the insurance contract has been received in good time by 30 November at the previous insurer.


Who needs it: Damage to household effects, for example, by burglary, fire or tap water can be very expensive. Every household should therefore have a household insurance. It covers damage to the new leather sofa as well as the expensive stereo system.
Tip: Is the sum insured still sufficient? Over the years, most of the household goods also grow. If two households are merged, savings can be made by making two contracts one. If a move is pending, the policyholder should inform the insurer as soon as possible of his new address – otherwise the protection is at risk.

Extra tip: At CostBend it’s particularly easy to keep an eye on your insurance business: In the personal online area myCosmosDirekt, customers can request offers, conclude policies and view and manage the contract details at any time – for example, change their address or bank details.

The Benefits Of Choosing An Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood Floors

When searching for a new vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors, you may be surprised at how many different choices that are available httpS://Green-touch.org/Payday-Loan-Consolidation/. Finding the best vacuum for hardwood floors needs may require a lot of research, but you will not be disappointed. During your search https://www.thevoicebw.com/no-strain/ for the best vacuum, you should consider an upright bagless vacuum cleaner.

There are many benefits to an upright vacuum. In many instances, the bagless vacuums are easier to work with than ones with bags. For one thing, you can see how much dirt and dust has been collected. You do not have to pay attention to your floors to make sure the dirt is being sucked up because you can see when the receptacle needs to be emptied.
If you have a large home, you may need to use more than one bag in a regular vacuum to get the home as clean as possible. Those bags cost money. Many times, after a year or so, the vacuum is considered obsolete and major retailers stop carrying those specific bags. This means you either have to stock up or buy a new vacuum whenever you stop finding the right bags.
You may use a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner because of your allergies and may think that you only have a few options. However, HEPA filters have been used on upright vacuum cleaners for many years. You will be able to find the vacuum you want with the features you need go ❑ www.green-touch.org ❑ ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ.
Many bagless vacuum cleaners are fairly inexpensive, depending on your needs and the features you require. You will not have to pay for bags to fit the vacuum, so the cost goes way down. Technically, you will only be paying for the vacuum itself. However, if you need a HEPA filter, you may need to purchase replacement filters, and that could potentially cost more. However, if you find a vacuum that has washable filters, you will not have to worry about any added costs.
You may choose to do your vacuuming at odd times in the day. Many people choose to do so in the evening, a few hours before bed. With vacuums that need bags, you are at the mercy of store hours. You must have the bags in order to vacuum for your hardwood floors, and you may need to stop what you are doing and go to the store. With bagless vacuums, there will be no hassle.