3 Main Advantages of Using a 4 Stroke Weed Eater

4 Stroke Weed Eater

Most homeowners these days who own a weed eater for trimming and cutting grass on their lawn often use the two-stroke variety which uses a mixture of gas and oil in order to function. Meanwhile, many of the same adults are noticing that a new technology is currently making big waves in the gardening tool industry. This wave is no other than the release of the 4 stroke weed eaters.

If you’re wondering, there is actually a huge difference between a 2-cycle weed eater and a 4-cycle variety other than the total number of strokes it needs to make a cycle. By gaining an understanding about how both motor types work, you will be able to understand the features of each of them to make a sound buying decision for your best weed eater.

2 Cycle Engine

A 2 cycle engine only takes two up and down movements in order to complete a power cycle. The power is generated in an engine once intake air is compressed and then combusted to exhaust. The 2 cycle engine will then work with the end of the combustion stroke as well as the beginning of the compression stroke which both occur at the same time.

4 Cycle Engine

A 4 cycle engine is pretty much the same as that of a 2 cycle except that the process is two steps longer. The power which is created in a 4 cycle engine goes through this pattern:

Intake > Compression > Power > Exhaust

This process is likewise referred to as suck, squeeze, bang and blow. A 4 cycle engine tends to produce lesser exhaust and is a lot quieter since each step is performed in a more concentrated fashion.

If we are to make an evaluation, it only means that there is less to a 2 cycle engine when compared with a 4 cycle variety. This causes the power to weight ratio to be cranked up. Moreover, most owners of a 4 stroke weed eater claim that they are able to cut every weed in their path, and in some cases, even cut small trees.

4 engine

4 engine

What are the benefits of a 4 cycle weed eater

  • Convenient – 4 cycle engines are run on . This means that you don’t need a separate can of gas, oil and gas/oil mix as what a 2 cycle engine needs. Also, 4 cycle engines are known to start a lot easier compared to a 2 cycle engine since they require less priming for the gas/oil mixture and will easily fire upon your first pull of the starting cord.
  • Produces lower emissions – a weed eater with less exhaust is now a requirement in most states. A lower exhaust is actually beneficial in a lot of ways. Some of them includes the reduction of black fog inhaled, reducing the carbon-footprint on the environment, and preventing your clothes from smelling like exhaust.
  • Quieter – most garden care companies deal with was if a 4 cycle engine could be able to handle the workload of a 2 cycle unit which most are accustomed with. However, a 4 stroke weed eater can actually handle common weed trimming task with ease, and it can even do so at a much quieter manner.

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