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Simple Sewing Machine for Beginners with Simple Features

There are a number of different types of sewing machines available in the consumers’ market. If you are a beginner with no prior experience than a simple best sewing machine for beginners would be an ideal choice for you. But, the job of buying such product isn’t that simple. A lot of things need to be considered for making it a good quality and an easy to use machine for the starters. As you are new to the stitching world so your focus must be on the presence and in the quality of the simple features. Forget about the advanced features at the moment as a simple machine with simple features wouldn’t cost you a lot. So, you can upgrade to a new advance machine just as you would get mature with your stitching abilities and your needs grows as well.

Simple Sewing Machine For Beginners


The top simple features to look for in a simple sewing machine for the beginners:

There are a handful of such features which are critically important to be considered for both in terms of their presence in the machine and also for their quality. The beginners look to get better control over the machine where a number of manufacturers come with excellent features which offer them with great ease in using the main features which also gives them good control over the machine. The following is an A-list of those simple features that you must make a note of while buying your first sewing machine:

Best Sewing Machine for Beginners

  • Stitch length control – It is the thing which actually determines the length of the stitch which is to be made. For normal and simple stitching, the length is 2.5 and for gathering it is 4. In case the starters are looking for some decorative stitches such as the appliqué or the zigzag, the compact or smaller the length, tighter will be the design. You should be considering to check this feature for sure. As it’s one of the key features tha would be helpful in providing easy stitching for a beginner. In case there is an issue in handling this control or is complicated enough to be understood by a beginner then it would be a wrong choice for you to get for new comer in this field.
  • Stitch width control – It is another very crucial feature for the newbies to watch out for. It is intended to rightly position the needle for the zigzag and the other decorative stitches. For normal or simple stitching, the needle is always in the central position. In case of the overcastting, appliqué, zigzag or the other decorative stitches, the width of the stitch is actually customized according to your own desired effect. You should be checking for the eact setting and the actual sizing options as the more easy to select and customize the width the better it would be for a person who has less knowledge and need to go through an easy way.
  • Built in stitch patterns – The modern yet some of the simpler machines comes with a lot of built in stitch patterns. The number of built in stitch patterns vary and even having some 20 odd build in stitches could be very handy for the beginners. The can use them for a variety of tasks to make some decorative and stylish stitches without having the need of trying anything fancy on their own. It’s a great option for a beginner level person who want to experiment with different stitching styles and patterns. The built in functions would assit in making customized stitches easily and quickly and would let the person stuck into any problem.
  • Free Arm – It is a very productive feature which comes in many simple machines for beginners as well. It is actually a dropdown or a removable plate placed on the bed of the unit which allows users to stitch cuffs, collars and pant legs etc with ease. This will be a great option in a simple machine that you will be selecting.

All these above mentioned features are very important and crucial while buying a simple sewing machine for beginners If you consider these aspect carefully and wisely then you will be able to select the best one easily without wasting your money for the wrong machine.