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There are hundreds of companies out there manufacturing essential oil diffusers for you to buy. They sell them out to distributors who will promise you nothing but the best. Before you can trust their word and carry your diffuser home, there are a couple of things you need to know about best essential oil diffusers.

Types of diffusers

There are four main types of diffuses used to date these are:

  1. Ultrasonic diffusers
  2. Nebulizing diffusers
  3. Evaporative diffusers
  4. heat diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusers

Ultrasonic-Aroma-DiffuserThey are also known as the humidifiers. This term describes how the ultrasonic diffuser functions. The ultrasonic technology simply applies water as the diffusing agent. A little amount of water is added to the oil and a heating element is applied to vaporize the mixture and produce a misty aroma.

Water vapor is added in to the air hence the name humidifier. The concentration of the aroma is mild compared to that from the nebulizing diffusers because of the dilution aspect. These diffusers are ideal for dry regions and during the cold season as the moisture assists in distributing heat in a room.

It is not advisable to use them with acidic oils such as lemon or wild orange Essential oils because water will react with the oil to form a corrosive acid.

Advantages of Ultrasonic diffusers

  1. They consume less oil compared to nebulizing diffusers
  2. They are multipurpose, they diffuse the oil and humidify as well
  3. They are less expensive compared to nebulizing diffusers

Disadvantages of ultrasonic diffusers

  1. They cannot be used with acidic oils due to corrosion.
  2. They require water to diffuse without which the gadget does not function at all
  3. They also require regular cleaning especially if used with tap water
  4. They are not ideal for use in humid areas

Nebulizing diffusers

These are the most efficient diffusers that you can use for voluminous rooms. They work by passing air at a high velocity in a tube to create a vacuum that sucks up the oil and diffuses it in to a fine atomized spry just like a spry can functions.


  1. It is much easier to diffuse oil from them since you just need to attach the bottle and flip a simple switch.
  2. Most of them come with timers and oil regulators that control the amount of oil discharged.
  3. Since they don’t dilute the oil during diffusion, the concentration of the oil is usually high making them ideal for therapy and spa treatment.
  4. They not humidify the room as ultrasonic diffusers do making them ideal for use in humid areas.
  5. They can work with all types of oil be they acidic, basic or neutral as there is no water applied.
  6. They are capable of diffusing voluminous spaces within a short time and keeping the room constantly filled with the aroma.


  1. They consume much oil compared to the ultrasonic diffusers
  2. They are more expensive than ultrasonic diffusers
  3. They are not as silent as ultrasonic diffusers

Evaporative diffusers

aria-ultrasonic-diffuser-theraproThese come in form of pedants, cards, can with wick, open containers, blocks among others. They only require exposure to the air for the oil to diffuse. They are mainly used in small rooms or spaces such as in cars and bathrooms. The most recent technology on evaporative diffusers has incorporated a fan to facilitate air circulation. This greatly improves their effectiveness.


  1. They are very cheap
  2. They do not require electricity to diffuse the natural oils
  3. They are effective in small areas


  1. The aroma fades with time and requires to be replenished or replaced
  2. They are not ideal for spacious rooms since they rely on air movement in the room
  3. They are not ideal for dusty areas as they pick up dust thus reducing the efficiency.

Heat diffusers

These rely on heat to diffuse the essential oils. They heat the oil to evaporation such that the oil vapor diffuses the aroma in to the room. The traditional heat diffusers involve burning the oil to release the aroma.


  1. The modern heat diffusers limit the position of the diffuser to the location of the power socket.
  2. Heating some oils reduces their therapeutic and medicinal effects
  3. They are only useful in the presence of electricity


  1. They are a very quiet way of diffusing essential oils
  2. They are an economic way of diffusing essential oils as they come with regulators.


The nebulizing diffusers are the most unlimited, effective and reliable of all types of diffusers and rank as the best. The Ultrasonic diffusers come second due to their effectiveness applicability and ability to humidify. The Heat diffusers are third and finally at number 4 are the evaporative diffusers.