LED Grow Lights vs Other Grow Lighting Options

LED grow lights are the latest and most popular grow lighting options these days. Because of their efficiency and other amazing features, more and more growers are making a shift from their traditional grow lighting options to LEDs. However, what do LED lights have that makes them popular compared with other lighting options. Here are some comparisons of LED lights with other lighting systems.

LEDs vs CFLs (Compact fluorescent lamps)

  • ┬áIn particular, LEDs tend to produce better yields while using the same amount of electricity. This means that LEDs are way more efficient than compact fluorescent lamps.
  • CFLs would require daily adjustments, while LEDs don’t.
  • LEDs produce as little heat as possible as compared to a CFL setup using the same wattage. There are also some LED lights which come with additional cooling options such as fans and heatsinks which make it easy and possible for growers to maintain a comfortable grow room temperature.
  • A lot of growers who used LED grow lights believe that these allow them to produce buds of higher quality as compared to any other grow light option.

LED grow lights are a very popular choice for those who are planning to upgrade their grow lights from CFLs. However, you should keep in mind that LED lights have an expensive initial cost. Moreover, 400 watts of LED could not give more yields as compared to 400 watts of HPS. Unfortunately, in terms of growing cannabis plants, LED grow lights reviews don’t actually live up to the hype of magically increasing your yield with far less power. There are also several tests which indicate that yields per watt are actually a lot higher when using an HPS light during the flowering stage compared to LED lights. With recent advancements, the price for a LED grow light keeps decreasing every single year, and while they might still have a high initial price, they tend to be a great cost-saver in the long run.

LEDs vs HPS (High pressure sodium)

There are lots of indoor growers who tend to combined LED grow lights with HPS bulb. As a matter of fact, combining a quality HPS light with a quality LED panel could greatly improve the quality of your harvest. For marijuana growers, they found out that LED lights have somehow increased the potency and density of their strain. There are also those who believe that HPS tends to produce buds which are more good-looking.

If you want to improve your yields, lots of growers who recommend using a HPS grow light instead of a LED grow light for the flowering stage. HPS lights tend to provide you with an even bigger return on your yields in terms of the amount of electricity being used. Other than that, HPS grow lights are way cheaper compared to LEDs. Lastly, LED grow lights are not as standardized compared to HPS grow lights. This means that you should contact the manufacturer first before you being use a LED grow light since each model is different. Whereas, you can follow the standard rules for using HPS grow lights and visit this website for more details.

There are a lot of growers who believe that LED grow lights could produce higher quality results. However, the best results are most likely from a combination of both HPS and LEDs during the flowering stage.

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