Maintenance tips for pressure washer

The best pressure washer system can cost you several hundred dollars and some of the high end models can be as expensive as more than a thousand dollars. Such high end equipment requires some proper maintenance and cleaning to ensure that the product lasts for a long time to come. Further, proper maintenance also ensures that the product runs smoothly over a good span of time with lesser maintenance hassles and the troubleshooting issues. It is easy and you just need to learn a few basic things to ensure that your system is well maintained with all the quality and maintenance checks performed periodically over time.

Maintenance tips for pressure washer

Things that you need to do for proper maintenance of your system:

There are a number of things that you need to do for the maintenance and smooth running of your system. These things need to be done timely with proper intervals so that you are sure about the maintenance and the service history of your pressure washer. The following are the major maintenance steps that are needed to be performed:

  • Having a clean air filter – The air filter of your product must always be clean. This will prevent dirt, dust and the debris from entering the engine. The rule of thumb is to clean your filter after every 4 hours of use. After every 3 months or after100 hours of using the pressure washer, the filter must be replaced with a new one. It would give you the best pressure results and would lead to a long time performance without any compromise to its quality.
  • The fuel filter cleaning – the fuel filter must be cleaned several times in a year. For a better idea about the time for cleaning, check the product manual where the manufacturer of the product has told about how often you need to clean it. It would be better to check it off and on in order to make it sure that there is no clogging issue there. It is important because if the filter has gotten messy due to impurities, then it would lower the efficiency of the mechanism and may result into more fuel usage and efforts to create pressure. It would waste your fuel and also time and would affect the pressure, thus produced by the pressure washer. In order to make the most out of a pressure washer it is important to keep the fuel filters clean from being messed up.
  • Checking the engine oil – Just like your car, the pressure washer system also demands you to check the engine oil of the system before every use. If it is below the mark, then make sure to fill it with the oil recommended by the manufacturer. Always use high quality oil to ensure it cares the pressure washer in the best way.
  • Cleaning of the water inlet screen – The water inlet screen should be checked occasionally for any debris or dirt buildup. It should be thoroughly rinsed with water and let it dry properly before using it in the system. If you notice any signs of damage, on the water inlet screen, then replace it in the first instance for proper usage of the water pressure system.
  • Inspecting the hose, hose connectors and the handle trigger –The hose, hose connectors and the handle trigger should also be checked periodically for their level of performance. They should be inspected before every use and the affected parts should be fixed or replaced as needed according to their situation. It is important to have a firm hose connector to get the best results in creating maximum pressure by your pressure washer. In case they are not firm enough then, you may notice a clear decrease in pressure being created and would lead to a lower level performance. You should consider checking these connections in order to use the pressure washer the way you need.


The maintenance of the pressure washer system is very critical for their durability and smooth performance over the years. If you want your best pressure washer to perform seamlessly over the years, then make sure that you are careful with the periodic maintenance of your system.

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